What Affects Your Choice Of Exterior Paint For A House?

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What Affects Your Choice Of Exterior Paint For A House?

26 July 2023
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Whether you're building a new house or renovating one, residential exterior painting is likely to be part of the project. Exterior house painting choices involve more than picking a color, though. Four other things will also affect your choice.


The surface of the home's exterior will play a major role. Some paints work better with brick than with wood, for example. There are many types of surfaces, including metal siding, stone cladding, wood, brick, block, and composites. Even if a particular kind of paint will work with a surface, the job may require a different type of primer.

Also, you might use an exterior house coating to cover the existing surface rather than pigmented paint. For example, you might have a brick home that has a beautiful surface. You will get the benefits of paint in terms of protection without obscuring the material's good looks.

The surface's condition also may determine what sheen will look best. Gloss paint on a rough surface, like old wood, could accentuate the imperfections. Matte paint may mask some of the material's blemishes.

Environmental Factors

The local environment can force you to look at an entirely different product than you expected to employ. If you live in a region with high humidity levels, then you might want a paint that has anti-mold properties. People who live in dry places that get bombarded with dust particles might need thicker paints to protect their homes' exteriors. Extreme heat and cold will also cause some lower-quality products to crack sooner. A residential exterior coating might be necessary to prevent UV damage if the house gets lots of daily sunlight. Pollution is another notable factor.

Drying Time

Oil-based paints are popular in applications that require durability. However, they take longer to dry. If you need a quick drying time, you might want to use latex. Acrylic paints offer something of an in-between option.


Local regulations matter, too. Many localities have historical preservation laws. Homeowners' associations also can impose strict rules. Depending on the severity of these laws, you may be limited in terms of the type of paint or even the color. Before you select a residential exterior painting option, you should check with the local compliance officials to learn what the regulations are where you live. If your plan conflicts with the rules, then you might need to request a variance or make a different plan.

For more info about exterior house painting, contact a local company. 

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