What Features Should You Look For In Home Windows?

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What Features Should You Look For In Home Windows?

20 March 2023
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When shopping for new windows for your home, you need to look at all the features available and weigh them against your needs. You want to make sure that the windows you choose have all the features to meet and exceed your expectations.

So, what should you look for when buying home windows? This article will review the different features and aspects of home windows that you should consider when making your selection.

Energy Efficiency

Home windows are often a major contributor to a home's energy efficiency. They can significantly impact the amount of money you'll spend on cooling and heating your house. When selecting new windows, you need to be aware of the various features and technologies that will help improve the efficiency of your home.

One feature to consider when selecting new windows is their insulation level. Properly insulated windows will keep your home better sealed from outside temperatures, reducing the amount of cool air that escapes in summer months and warm air during winter. This can save money on energy bills by reducing the need for additional heating or cooling systems.

Another key factor to consider is the window frames themselves. Low-quality frames can be constructed with materials that don't last as long or provide an adequate seal as higher-quality materials like vinyl or fiberglass. 

If properly fitted, these more durable frames can help prevent air infiltration in both summer and winter, regulating indoor temperatures better than less durable frames. Additionally, if you live in an area with a lot of windy weather, heavier frame materials may help block extra drafts coming in through your windows.

Finally, the double-paned glass will help further insulate your home from temperature variations outdoors. These thicker panels allow for an insulating pocket of air between them which helps keep internal temperatures more consistent over time without having to turn up the heat or AC excessively throughout the day.


Many homeowners in urban or suburban areas require soundproofing on their windows. While traditional, single-pane glass offers little protection against noise pollution, newer window designs may feature thicker or double-paned glass and insulated frames to help reduce the amount of noise entering your home.

Additionally, some windows can be fitted with special soundproofing window films that help absorb or deflect sounds from the outside. This can be especially helpful if you live near an airport or in a noisy neighborhood

Furthermore, some windows come with an option to add weatherstripping, which helps further reduce sound infiltration. Weatherstripping is a flexible material that can be added to the edges of your window frame, creating a better seal and keeping out unwanted noise.

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