Which Is The Best Material For Your Patio Cover?

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Which Is The Best Material For Your Patio Cover?

19 January 2023
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Various quality patio cover materials are available on the market. Each material has different pros and cons that should inform your choice of patio cover materials. Explore three top options to consider and the suitability of each as your patio cover. 


If design and durability are your priorities, aluminum patio covers are the way to go. Aluminum is a lightweight material with the following benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance. Aluminum is resistant to bugs and insects. Also, aluminum patio covers don't warp, rot, or crack.
  • Durability. Aluminum is resistant to harsh weather like winter and storms. Also, due to the material's good heat conductivity, your patio cover doesn't face damage under extreme heat.
  • Variety. Aluminum patio covers come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. So, you can find different complex and sleek designs for your deck.

Some weaknesses of aluminum patio covers include:

  • Heat Retention. Regular aluminum panels may make you uncomfortable during summer since the material is a good heat conductor.
  • Noise. Aluminum patio covers can generate noises during persistent wind storms.

Aluminum is a suitable material if you want long service periods.


Look no further than wood if you want a simple, elegant patio cover. Wood patio covers have natural colors and patterns that blend in with your outdoor space. The pros of wood patio covers include the following:

  • Affordability. Wooden patio covers usually have fair prices. Besides, the installation and replacement are simple and attract low labor costs.
  • Versatility. Wood's natural color and patterns offer a perfect minimalist look for your patio cover. You can also paint wood with many colors to complement any home.
  • Sturdiness. Wood can withstand high-stress levels and inclement weather. So, wooden patio covers serve you a long time before the need for a replacement arises.

Below are some cons of wood patio covers:

  • High Maintenance. You must repaint and polish your home patio cover to maintain the appearance of wood.
  • Attracts Insects. To keep mites and insects at bay, you must treat wooden patio covers beforehand.

Consider a mix of aluminum-and-wood patio covers if you want the beauty of wood but with little maintenance.


Vinyl is an affordable patio cover option that sometimes comes with a guarantee. The material holds up well in outdoor settings and boasts the following strengths:

  • Minimal Maintenance Needs. You don't need to sand or repaint vinyl patio covers every few years. Instead, cleanups with soap and water are the maintenance you need for vinyl patio covers.
  • Durability. Vinyl patio covers don't peel, rot, or crack. In addition, the patio cover isn't susceptible to pest and insect infestation.
  • Eco-friendliness. Some vinyl is made from 100% recycled materials. So, if you want to go green, vinyl patio covers are your ideal solution.

Weaknesses of vinyl patio covers include:

  • Limited Choice. Many vinyl patio covers come in a limited number of colors, which you can't repaint with more earthy tones.
  • Appearance. Vinyl is not very attractive; this is unsuitable if aesthetics is your priority.

Vinyl is a good material if you live in harsh climates and are okay with limited color choices.

All the materials above are suitable for patio covers. So, your ideal choice depends on your needs, location, and budget. For instance, wood rots under persistent exposure to moisture, hence unsuitable for humid and ocean environments. Conversely, aluminum's conductivity makes aluminum patio covers ideal for temperate climates.

Ask a patio covers supplier, such as Mid Kansas Seamless Guttering, for more information.

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