Consider Privacy Options With A New Patio Cover Installation

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Consider Privacy Options With A New Patio Cover Installation

28 December 2022
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Having a new patio cover installed can make a significant difference in how your backyard looks. A patio cover can also make the patio more enjoyable to use since it will provide a shaded area to relax without as much concern over UV rays. Instead of choosing a patio cover with only the appearance in mind, you'll need to consider the other qualities important to you.

If your goal is to enjoy more privacy in your backyard, there are several features you can prioritize when researching options for a new patio cover. 

Enclosed Sides

A practical option for adding privacy to your backyard is installing a patio cover with enclosed sides. If your neighbor's homes are close to your own, you may feel discouraged from spending time outside due to prying eyes. With enclosed sides on at least one side of the patio, you can prevent anyone from seeing into the patio. 

The enclosed sides could have an opaque style that makes it difficult for anyone to see into your patio, but it can still allow in some light so the area won't be too dark. 

Solid Patio Cover

If your neighborhood consists mainly of multiple-story homes, you may feel uncomfortable using your patio since people could see into your yard from their upper-floor windows. When shopping for a new patio cover, look into solid covers with a roof for privacy. Not only will these covers prevent people from seeing into your patio, but they can also add other benefits. 

A solid patio cover will prevent rain and snow from getting into your patio, making the space usable more often throughout the year. Protecting your furniture with a patio cover can also make the added expense of a solid cover a good investment in the long run. 

Room for Curtains 

Enclosed sides and a solid roof may not be preferable if you're worried about letting in light. In this case, hanging outdoor curtains could be a fantastic option since you can open and close them as desired. Before you choose a patio cover, look into how easy it is to hang curtains and whether they'll fit in well with the rest of the patio design. 

As you explore your options for a patio cover, you'll need to see what can make a difference regarding privacy. Since a lack of privacy can affect how often you use your patio, the above tips for choosing a patio cover can help you make a more informed purchase.

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