Reasons To Plan Your Custom Home For Easy Expansion

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Reasons To Plan Your Custom Home For Easy Expansion

29 September 2020
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If you plan your custom home design to allow for expansion later, you'll find building an addition later much less difficult. Installing a slightly larger septic system, positioning your home far enough from the property edge, and adding an extra-large garage that could be converted later are a few ways to do this.

Here are a few reasons to consider future additions when designing your custom house.

In case your family grows

If you ever decide to add a child to your family, you'll need plenty of space to ensure each child has their own bedroom. You don't want to have to build or buy a new house while simultaneously planning to expand your family.

A home that's ready to have an extra bedroom built on can alleviate the stress that could come from wondering where you'll get space as your kids grow up and need more privacy and elbow room.

In case you need more space for a business

If your job lets you start working from home, you may need your own private home office. And sometimes, a hobby or skill can grow into a business. If you start selling crafts from your home, you may need space to work and store your inventory.

Or if you ever start teaching music lessons or recording your own music as a business, you'll need a quiet, distraction-free room to act as your studio. These are just a few examples of how your job or business can require more space in your home. Adding on a room can help you avoid building or buying a whole new building or house.

In case you have a bigger budget later

While your contractor may prefer that you build the house larger now rather than adding on later, you may simply not have the budget for the luxuries you'd like to have in your dream home. You may need to settle for a comfortably sized home now.

If that's the case, planning to allow expansion later gives you the option to have all the room you want when your budget allows.

In case the next owner wants to expand

If you build a small custom home that can't easily be added onto and later have to sell it, you may find a limited number of buyers looking for a home that size. So you could have difficulty getting the best price.

However, if the home will be easy to add to, you can also attract buyers who don't mind living in a smaller space while they work on expanding the home. This means designing the home with expansion in mind could act as a selling point.

As you can see, designing your home with the possibility to add on more rooms later can have all sorts of benefits. Even if you're building the house exactly as large as you need, building in a bit of extra wiggle room can provide a variety of benefits later.

Talk to custom home builders to get started on your home design.

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