4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Those Needing Inspiration

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4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Those Needing Inspiration

16 July 2020
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Want to remodel your bathroom to make it more modern, but not sure what to do? It will help to look at these 4 ideas for inspiration on how to transform your bathroom

Seamless Glass Shower

Are you replacing your bathtub with a shower, and want a way for it to stand out after looking at a bathtub for many years? Consider upgrading it to a seamless glass shower. Having the glass expand from the floor to the walls as one large piece of glass will make the shower feel really modern. This design works great when you are putting a shower in a corner and you will be seeing at least two sides of glass surrounding the shower.

Another option to make a seamless glass shower stand out is to put in curved glass so that the shower stall arches outward/ It will not only give you more room in the shower, but can make your seamless glass shower a focal point of the room.

Wall Mounted Storage

Sometimes it helps to open up the square footage of a small bathroom by wall mounting your storage. Having shelving for towel racks near the shower can help eliminate the need to have a vanity nearby. Shelving above the sink can help keep things like soap and toothbrushes off the countertop. Even a cabinet above the toilet can help store extra toilet paper.

Drastic Color Changes

One of the things that will definitely make your bathroom feel different is if you do a drastic color change. If everything is white in your current bathroom, consider changing the color scheme to blue for your remodel. It will simply make the room feel like a whole new space, even if the layout and fixtures are similar in size.

Light Fixtures

Look at ways that you can use your existing electrical lines to add different lighting to your bathroom. If you are feeling a little bit limited due to lighting placement, consider adding track lighting to the ceiling. This allows you to extend the lighting along the track and point lights at places to brighten them up, such as off your mirror so that you can see yourself clearly. 

Not sure what else to do with your bathroom during a remodeling project? Reach out to a bathroom remodeling contractor for their assistance with taking on this home project. They can provide you with the inspiration that you have been looking for.  

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