4 Questions About Using Steel Siding For Your Home

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4 Questions About Using Steel Siding For Your Home

27 April 2020
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Are you looking to change the look of your home by replacing your old siding material? If so, you may be interested in using steel siding as an alternative material. Here are some questions about the steel siding that you likely have. 

Is Steel Siding Easily Dented?

Don't make the mistake of confusing steel siding for aluminum material. Steel siding material is going to be much more sturdy than its aluminum counterpart. Steel is able to withstand impact damage during a strong storm and even the accidental damage caused by your kids hitting your siding material with a ball. One thing you definitely won't have to worry about with steel siding is the material becoming easily damaged from impacts, which can give you some added peace of mind.

Will Steel Siding Be Loud?

It is common for homeowners to have concerns about the noise that construction material can make after it is installed on your home. This is why many homeowners do not want to have a metal roof because they fear that the rain will cause a lot more noise than they are used to. However, this is not the case when using steel siding. The material is not going to create any more noise than vinyl siding. The material should have plenty of insulation placed behind it, which is typical for any siding material and helps cut down on all outside noise in general.

Will Steel Siding Rust?

You are likely concerned about the metal siding material rusting on your home. Be aware that it is covered with a rust-resistant coating that helps protect it from moisture, which should prevent the material from naturally rusting. However, maintenance is still very important to prevent rust. If the siding replacement material becomes scratched, that protective layer can go away. You'll need to repair the scratch in order to give the steel a new protective layer in that area and prevent rust damage. 

Will Steel Siding Prevent Pest And Moisture Damage?

While you do have to deal with potential rust damage, know that you won't have to deal with pest and moisture damage. Since the material is made out of metal, there won't be issues with the steel absorbing water, having mold growth, and things of that nature related to water. The steel surface is also incredibly strong, so pests won't be able to damage the material like they would with wood or vinyl. 

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