Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

6 January 2017
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Maintaining independence can be a challenge if you find yourself requiring a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there are changes you can make to your home to make it more accessible. This is even true in the kitchen. If you love to cook or just want the ability to cook for yourself, then remodeling your kitchen for accessibility it a must. The following are a few features to include.

Shallow counters

Shallow counters can be easier to reach across. If you combine these with lower counters that can easily be reached from a sitting position, you will be able to access every part of your counter when cooking and preparing food. You may need to have the counters custom made to meet the desired dimensions that work best with your body.

Open counters

A traditional kitchen has drawers and cabinets beneath the counters. Instead, consider integrating some open spaces beneath certain areas of the counter, such as near the sink or your primary work station, so that you can pull up under the cabinet for better reach. This will make it easier to perform certain tasks, like washing dishes.

Drop down cabinets

Most kitchen storage is in upper cabinets, which aren't very accessible from a wheelchair. Fortunately, there are designs that work well for your situation. Drop down cabinets have a rack inside of them that pulls outward and down, so you can reach even the items on the top shelf. There are varieties where you simply tug on the lower shelf to pull it down, or you can get a version where they are operated with the push of a button.

Wider aisles

Finally, when planning your remodel, widen the kitchen. You want to be able to turn your wheelchair around easily in the space, as well as to have space for others to pass around you. Doorways should also be larger so they can accommodate the wheelchair easily, without fear of scuffing up the walls or getting stuck. If you have an open floor plan kitchen instead of a galley kitchen, make sure the island isn't oversized since yo don't want it to impede your movement either. You may even want to lower the island or the bar, too, so you can reach it more easily from your wheelchair.

For more help, talk with a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area. They can help you plan the perfect kitchen.

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