Reliable Commercial Air Conditioning Helps Gyms Retain Members

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Reliable Commercial Air Conditioning Helps Gyms Retain Members

29 December 2016
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Not every member of a gym is going to be all that thrilled with an uncomfortable environment. Not everyone who signs up for a gym membership is looking for the hardcore weightlifting experience. Many just want a simple and comfortable workout. An improper temperature setting really undermines the experience of working out. Such customers are not likely to stay in the fold so gym owners should invest some money in upgrading or better maintaining their commercial air conditioning system.

The Casual Gym Member

Gym members who "come and go" have a tendency to sign up for one year memberships as a New Year's Resolution or in the spring so they can look good for the summer. Even though they are not going to be regular members who train four to six days a week every week, they still pay per month. Most will renew their contracts unless given a reason not to. A poorly working air conditioning system create the following woes for these casual gym members:

Discomfort During Workouts

Unbearable temperatures outside the gym are what people like to escape from. Venturing into a gym that feels like a sauna is most uncomfortable. The enjoyable nature of workouts is undermined in a stuffy, sweaty environment. Working out is more than just about losing weight and building muscle. The process of going to the gym should be fun. Members who aren't having fun due to the discomfort of working in a hot gym are probably going to cancel their memberships.

Concerns Over Health

Working out in an environment that is too hot brings forth some serious concerns about adverse health reactions. People do get dehydrated quickly in excessive temperature. Heat stroke is even a possibility. People who become fearful about working out in a hot gym won't be thrilled over coming back.

Worries Over Hygiene

All that sweat from the excessively hot temperature has to go somewhere. It goes all over the equipment. Cleanliness concerns run through the minds of people working out in a sweaty gym. And the odor that permeates in such a gym isn't exactly going to put these members' feelings at ease.

All of these issues are bad for business. Contacting a HVAC contractor like Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to upgrade, repair, or even replace an air conditioning system is strongly advised. For gym owners, doing so may play a huge rule in leading gym customers to renew their memberships.

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