3 Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

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3 Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

29 December 2016
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If you are tired of how your bathroom looks, you can change how your bathroom looks and feels without breaking the bank. Here are three ways you can easily upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom on a small budget.

#1 Use A Vanity For The Bathroom Sink

If you can't find a shelving unit that you really like, or you don't want to invest money in a shelving unit, consider repurposing an all vanity. You can use one that you already have in your home, or you can find one at a local flea market, antique store or garage sale. You will have to do a little work on the vanity to turn it into a counter for your bathroom. You'll most likely need to cut out some space for the plumbing and remove the top drawers to make room for the sink if you want the sink to be sunken. If you want one of the cool new sinks where the bowl sits on top of the counter, though, you'll have to do a lot less work to turn an old vanity into the new countertop and cabinets in your bathroom.

#2 Use Simple Open Shelves

You can make your bathroom feel more spacious and increase the storage by using simple open shelves. You can put in a square open shelf unit or use one of the shelving units that look more like a ladder leaning up against the wall. You can put baskets on a few of the shelves for items that you want to keep more private, and display other items out in the open, like your towels. This will add storage space to your bathroom at an affordable price.

#3 Change The Surface Of Your Shower

Don't change the location of your shower or tub; that can be really expensive and quickly balloon the cost of your bathroom remodel. Instead, change how the surface of your shower looks. If you have tile around your tub, find a new set of tile and have that installed around your tub. If you have a glass shower, purchase some colored window film to give it an entirely new feel. You can also refinish the stone in your shower area to change the color. Simply changing out the tile is a great way to change the feel of your shower without investing major money to just move the shower a few feet.

You don't have to invest a lot of money to change the way your bathroom looks. Use vintage furniture for cabinet, create storage through open shelving, and change up the look of your shower without changing the location. These affordable changes can give your bathroom a whole new feel when paired with some fresh paint and a new accent piece or two for your bathroom. 

General contractors can add an expert touch to any of these projects. 

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