Vinyl Siding: Getting Rid Of Deck Stains

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Vinyl Siding: Getting Rid Of Deck Stains

21 October 2014
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Deck stain splatters can destroy the look of your vinyl siding. They can turn even the best-looking and the best-installed vinyl siding into an eyesore. The good news is that deck stains can easily be cleaned off vinyl siding. All that one needs for vinyl siding cleaning is a spray bottle, a bucket of water, a cup of oxygen bleach, a soft scrub brush and a clean rag. The following tips will help you to get rid of any ugly marks on your vinyl siding.

Prepare the cleaning solution

Start by pouring the cup of oxygen bleach into the bucket full of water. To ensure that you end up with a good mix, use a paint stirrer. And if you don't have one, a straight piece of wood will do. Thereafter, fill the spray bottle with the solution. This is important because using a spray bottle will make it easier to target the sprays onto specific stain areas. It will also help to avoid any wastage.

Spray and wait

Armed with a spray bottle full of oxygen bleach solution, spray the stained area. Wait for about ten minutes before scrubbing the area with the soft brush. Waiting will give the bleach time to work on the stains. It allows the solution to soak onto the affected area, something that will increase the effectiveness of your scrubbing effort.


After waiting for ten to fifteen minutes, use the soft brush to scrub the stains off your precious siding. And if the stains seem stubborn, spray the area again with the oxygen bleach solution. Wait for about ten minutes and then start scrubbing again. And if this still doesn't work, you can then switch to a brush with tougher thistles. This should be enough to clean most of the deck stains off, and if there are still faint traces of stains, move on to the next stage.

Use an eco-friendly cleaner

Most cleaners are strong enough to get any of the remaining stains off your vinyl siding. Simply soak the patches of stained area with the cleaner, give it about 20 minutes and then scrub. After you are done, dip a clean rag in water and then use it to wipe the area.

If the stains don't budge

Following the above tips should be enough to get any deck stains off your vinyl siding. However, if the stains prove to be difficult, you may have to opt for contractor-grade exterior cleaners that are usually strong enough to get rid of wood stain, tar and paint stains. Or better still, you can have a contractor do all the dirty work for you.

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