Why Planning Is Critical To Business Roofing Installation Work

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Why Planning Is Critical To Business Roofing Installation Work

21 February 2023
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Planning is important to all roofing installation jobs, but it's critical when putting a roof on a commercial structure. Here are five reasons why you and a contractor must plan carefully for your upcoming business roofing installation effort. 


If you're installing a new roof on an existing building, business disruptions will happen. Depending on where the work is happening, you may have to close that part of the location entirely for business. Worse, disruptions start when the contractors start bringing in materials and equipment. They will need spots to store their gear and supplies, and this can disrupt parking lots and storage areas.

Structural Soundness

Nearly every commercial roofing installation involves an area larger than you'll see at the typical home. Likewise, the roof at a business location is usually flatter. It takes planning to ensure that the roof will be structurally sound. Including the materials, you need to consider how the roof is going to bear significant weight across a large area. Many commercial roofs also need to support additional features, such as duct works and HVAC units.

If your business is in a region that gets lots of wind, snow, or rain, then you also need to think about how the roof will hold up to the elements. A heavy snowfall, for example, can add a lot of pressure to a roof.

Building for Maintenance

A commercial roofing installation should account for long-term maintenance needs. You are almost certainly going to have to apply patches and sealant over the life span of the new roof. It is important to make the roof accessible so repair contractors can handle maintenance needs quickly.


Local building officials have a say in nearly every roof that goes up anywhere. However, they're going to pay close attention when a new roof goes onto a commercial building. You should understand the permitting process so you can obtain the right permits for the job. Also, you should know what the process is for extending the permit in case the job goes longer than expected.

Many municipalities will want to review the plans for the project. They may require an inspection too. Contact your area's code compliance agency to learn what the rules are where your business is.

Budget and Schedule

Putting a roof on a commercial structure isn't a simple undertaking. You should consult closely with the contractor during the planning phase to set the budget. Similarly, you should set up a schedule to minimize the time to complete the job.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about commercial roofing installation.

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