Insight To Help You Remove A Stump From Your Yard

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Insight To Help You Remove A Stump From Your Yard

29 July 2021
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Removing a tree is never ideal because they provide shade and beauty to your yard and the environment. However, trees often need removing, which can leave behind a stump that will get in the way and can sometimes be cumbersome. When you need tree stump removal to access soil on the site, remove a stumbling obstacle, or get rid of a pest attractant, here are some recommendations to help you complete the project successfully.

Use Tree Removal Chemicals

An easy way to remove a tree stump from your yard's soil is to use the help of chemical treatments. Chemicals can work to break down the stump's fibers until they are soft and more pliable. Some types of chemical tree stump removers, such as those made of potassium nitrate, will break down the make-up of the wood, but you will need to get them inside the stump. Drill holes into the tree stump throughout the inside of the stump, then pour the chemical into the stump. After waiting several weeks for the chemicals to work on the wood, you can more easily work on the wood to remove it with a sledgehammer or an ax. 

Chemicals are essential when you have a tree stump that is from an aggressive growth tree and needs to be treated so it does not regrow into a new tree before you have the chance to remove it. Apply a tree herbicide or a salt treatment into the stump to kill the tree below the soil. This can take several weeks or months to take effect, so be sure you give yourself the time. 

Grind the Stump

For quick results when you need to remove a stump immediately, you may not be able to wait for chemicals to work, you can use mechanical power to do the work. When you hire a stump grinding service, the technician will need to cut down the stump to as low as ground level as possible to aid in its removal. Then, the stump grinder's rotating blade consisting of rows of teeth rips the wood into small pieces to scrape out the stump from the center outward and work at drilling out any large roots and the center taproot of the stump. 

When the stump grinder has torn the stump and its surrounding roots into pieces, you are going to be left with soil mixed with wood chips that will decompose and help the soil's nutrient content.

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