Three Areas Of Your House That You Might Have Forgotten To Waterproof

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Three Areas Of Your House That You Might Have Forgotten To Waterproof

17 November 2020
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Waterproofing services are essential in ensuring the structural integrity of your home. Not only do they protect your house from external water and rain, but also allow you to shower, wash dishes, cook, do laundry, and whatever else you want in selected areas of your home. Problems can arise when some areas of your home are not waterproofed but should be. These areas will quickly develop issues that let you know that they should be waterproofed. Here are three areas of your home you should always waterproof.


Balconies, whether they are on the first floor or any of the upper levels, are often shielded with their own roof, but this is not enough to keep them dry in the rain. You will often find leaks and splashes on your balcony, if not an absolute downpour if your home is badly positioned. As such, balconies require waterproofing services if you want them to last more than a couple of seasons without beginning to crumble. It can also be quite dangerous if higher balconies start to show signs of wear and tear, as falling tiles and decaying wood could pose a risk to the lower levels.


Your basement should always be waterproofed, especially if you have direct access to the foundation slab. If water gets through, whether it be rain or a leaky tap, it can cause havoc underneath the foundations by causing small holes that can create miniature cave-ins. Most of the time a basement will be waterproofed, but don't forget that if you have a cellar or other sub-terrain room that they should be waterproofed as well, even if they don't have foundations beneath them. Basements can be waterproofed from the inside and the outside, so talk to your contractor about your options.

Any Room With A Water Feature

Whether it be a fountain or a fish tank, if you have an indoor room with a water feature, then it should be waterproofed, or at least checked by waterproofing services for potential hazards. While it may seem like overkill, the last thing you want is one of these features to leak and cause damage while you aren't looking. It is simply safer to get waterproofing done if you cannot be absolutely sure that there won't be any free running water in the general vicinity of that room. Don't risk thousands in damages and a huge headache, but be proactive and check your home for waterproofing.

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