Understanding The Septic System Installation Process

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Understanding The Septic System Installation Process

11 December 2019
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If you're home's current septic system is failing or you're building a new home on a lot that is not connected to a municipal sewer system, you will have to have a new septic system installed. A new septic system is not inexpensive, but if you care for it properly, it should provide efficient waste management for many years to come. Having a septic system installed can seem intimidating or overwhelming, since most people have very little experience with the process and don't know what to expect. If you work with a reputable septic systems service provider, the process should go smoothly. Continue reading to learn more about the septic system installation process.


Septic systems are highly regulated, so you should not expect your septic system installation to begin immediately. Your soil may need to be tested, and the area where the septic tank and drainfield will be placed may need to be assessed. If you're planning on having a septic system installed, it is important to factor in the time that it will take for the proper permits to be obtained. When all permits are in hand, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your new septic system will comply with all current rules and requirements.


A home's septic tank is buried deep underground, and the drainfield lines for liquid waste are also buried. Thus, the beginning stages of a septic system installation require a lot of excavation on your property. If you are having an old septic system replaced, you may want to make plans to be away from home while the excavation is going on. If it is not possible to leave your home, you will need to provide extra supervision of children and pets since there will be a large hole for the septic tank and multiple trenches for the drainfield lines.


After excavation is completed, the final stage of your septic system installation can commence. During this time, your septic tank will be put in place and all of the necessary piping will be connected to it. After the installation is done, the hole and trenches will be filled in, so you can landscape appropriately. Once everything is in place,your septic services provider will carefully inspect the septic system to ensure that everything works like it is supposed to. You will receive a copy of the inspection report, as well as information about the warranty on your septic system. 

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